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Quality Assurance

In order to guarantee the product quality, we perform strict monitoring and supervision in the entire manufacture process, including raw material selection, product design, processing technique, manufacture machines, testing instruments, management and more.

High-Quality Raw Materials
(1) In-house developed, the PVC has passed the test conducted by the third party.
(2) We also provide PVC materials imported from Teknor Apex company, which have extremely good quality and stable performance.
(3) The copper wires are purchased from the reliable and large-scale copper material supplier, Jiangxi Copper Corporation.

Processing Techniques
In compliance with UL, RoHS, 3C and relative technical standards, we design the processing programs and machine drawings that meet customer demand. The basic processing steps are as follows:

Drawing: Under the action of external force, the metal will forcedly go through the die to reduce the cross-section and be pressed into an expected shape and size. Such a metalworking process is called drawing.

Stranding: The stranding process is to wind several strands of wires in a specific direction for enhancing the flexibility and uniformity. Such a process increases the rigidity and strength of wire.

Laminating: According to different requirements for cable performance, we adopt different coating materials.

Manufacture Equipment
We have brought in a number of high-quality manufacture machines to guarantee the product quality.

Cutting Machine
Intended for cutting Φ0-55mm electric wires, the cutting machine is able to do cutting and peeling at the same time.

Vertical Type Slivering Machine
The raw materials are cut, rubbed and winded into smooth, round and tight bars by this vertical type silvering machine.

Winding Machine
Linear subjects like copper wire are winded onto workpieces by this machine.

  • Cutting Machine
  • Vertical Type Slivering Machine
  • Winding Machine

Twisting Machine
A wide application of twisting machine is found in the manufacture of HDMI cables, DP cables, USB cables, CAT-7 cables, DVI cables, ATA cables, SATA cables, data cables, high frequency cables and so on.

Extruding Machine
When processing, the extruding machine is used to squeeze the cables and wires out.

Injecting Machine
The injecting machine works well with the extruding machine when manufacturing double-color cables and double-color cables.

Stranding Machine
Backed by advanced technology, the stranding machine is well suited for the manufacture of long and thick aluminum wires, aluminum alloy wires, bare copper wires, aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cable (ACSR), sector-shaped conductors and cross-pressing cable cores.

Hose Making Machine

Automatic Tin Plating Machine
By adopting electroplating technology, the automatic tin plating machine realizes anti-corrosion, improving conductivity and stable plating performance.

Automatic Terminal Processing Equipment
The terminal processing equipment drives the hardware part to the end of the wire, without any welding process. When not needed, pulling out the terminal is OK.

Automatic cable releasing equipment
In addition to these above mentioned machines, we also brought in professional extruding machine for producing medical cables and PVC medical hoses. Our manufacture equipment is able to satisfy any kinds of process and manufacture requirements for electric cable, composite cable, radio frequency coaxial cable, specialty cable and more.

  • Automatic Tin Plating Machine
  • Automatic Terminal Processing Equipment
  • Automatic cable releasing equipment

Testing Instruments
Our company invested heavily on testing instruments to guarantee the security of cable and satisfy customer's demands. Our modern and precise testing instruments include aging oven, voltage withstand tester, insulation resistance tester, comprehensive tester, DC resistance tester, microscope, to name a few.

The microscope is used to measure the thickness and length of cables.

Electric Thermostatic Water Bath
Designed for testing the heat resistance of wire, the water bath has mainly functions like evaporating, drying, concentrating and constant heating, with a working temperature of room temperature to 99℃.

Abrasion Tester
The anti-abrasion capacity of PVC material is tested by this device.

Photoelectric Scale
Compliant with UL standards, the scale measures the cable weight in an accurate manner.

  • Microscope
  • Electric Thermostatic Water Bath
  • Abrasion Tester
  • Photoelectric Scale

Electrical Discharge Machine
As being a spark machining equipment, this electrical discharge machine takes advantage of the galvanic corrosion caused by the pulse discharge between two electrodes to remove impurities from the workpiece.

Insulation Resistance Tester
Insulation of jacket, shielding and injected skin is metered.

Aging Oven
Anti-corrosion, anti-weather and anti-aging tester

Voltage Withstand Tester
The tester is applied to see whether the cable meets the industrial standards.

  • Electrical Discharge Machine
  • Insulation Resistance Tester
  • Aging Oven
  • Voltage Withstand Tester

Ground Continuity Monitor
A GCM or ground continuity monitor is a portable tester monitoring the impedance to ground of a circuit, with high automation.

Micro-Computer Tension Tester
After passing a series of tests by this device, the cable is able to work normally under various working conditions.

DC Resistance Tester
The direct current tester is to test the resistance, capacitance and inductance.

R&D Capacity
We hire three senior cable engineers, each of which has sufficient experience in cable research and development. With their technical support, we are able to product PVC materials with excellent properties and stable quality.

Management System
Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certifications and conducts strict management process, making sure the product quality reaches customer's demands.

Product Design
Our top-notch design team enables us to provide design drawings according to customer's requirements.

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