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Plug Power Cable

    1. Power Cable, US 2 Pin PlugThe power cable for US 2 pin plug has two types for customers to choose from: SPT-1 and SPT-2, respectively with a wire gauge of 20-18AWG and 18-16AWG. Both types are double-core and covered with a single-layer insulator.
    1. Power Cable, US 3 Pin PlugThe SPT-2 power cable is three-core wire and has a gauge of 18-16AWG. As for the other type, it has passed CSA tests and shows an incredible resistance to extreme weather and oil, suitable for outdoor use.
    1. Kettle Lead Power Cable, US IEC C13 PlugThe kettle lead power cable mainly uses two kinds of materials, SJTW cord and SVT cord. Both types have their unique characteristics. The SJTW cord has a powerful loading capacity and great resistance to high voltage, oil, water, extreme climates, etc.
    1. Power Cable, Euro 2 Pin PlugThis type of power cable is a universal plug suitable for European appliances. The 2 pin euro plug has high softness and a voltage resistance of 300 V. it also uses PVC material as insulator and protection cover.
    1. Euro Schuko PlugCompliant with VDE certificate and SNDF certificate, the Euro Schuko plug provides a voltage resistance of 300/300V and 300/500V. The insulator is usually made from PVC, natural rubber or artificial rubber while the protection cover uses PVC, natural rubber, artificial rubber and Neoprene.
    1. Chinese 2 Pin PlugThe Chinese 2 pin plug is stranded by several thin copper wires, leading to a high softness and flexibility. It uses PVC as protection cover and has a working temperature range of -10℃ to 70 ℃.
    1. Chinese 3 Pin PlugUsing flexible eco-friendly PVC material as insulator and protection cover, the Chinese 3 pin plug is resistant to oil, water, corrosion and extreme temperature. Moreover, high mechanical strength, chemical stability and good dielectric property are manufactured with the power cable.