Medical Hose

Medical Grade Hose, Medical Grade Tubing and Hose, Medical Grade PVC Tubing

To guarantee high-quality medical hose, we bring in the YHT-45 medical hose production line which features high automation and accuracy. In this production line, the PROTON automated diameter measuring device ensures a high level of manufacture accuracy. By applying a fully-automatic water temperature controller, the line precisely regulates the temperature of cooling water. And a micro-computer hose cutting machine is outfitted, which can cut the material at an angle the customer specifies. Normally, the production line produces single-tube hose, single-tube hose with color label and double-tube hose with color label.

More Manufacture Details about Medical Hose
1. Strictly complaint with industrial standards, the production line provides high hygiene and is able to produce medical grade hoses that have a diameter of 0.5-10mm and a thickness tolerance of ±0.005 mm.
2. We can provide PVC, TPU, TPE medical hoses or customize according to specific requirements.
3. In consideration of the high standard for medical grading tubing and hose, we implement an imported thermostable steel die for extruding, whose mirror-smooth surface provides a strong guarantee for the final quality.
4. With the combination of an imported stainless steel water tank, totally-enclosed glass structure, medical-grade cooling water and low-vacuum forming method, the roundness and precision of medical hose are thus assured. Matched with a special drying device, the cooling water can be reused without wetting the floor during the manufacture process. At the same time, the cooling water is regularly changed for secure operation and high-quality hoses.
5. The cutting machine applies an aluminum-alloy rotary blade which provides high-speed cutting and realizes accurate and neat cuts. With the assistance of micro-computer operation surface, the machine enables the precision of hose length. Plus, the cutting length and times can be flexibly set, with high reliability.

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