Medical Wire

Medical Device Cable, Medical Electronic Wire, Medical Grade Wire

After many times of experiments and practices, we managed to develop the medical wire which has stable properties and reliable quality. When it comes to the manufacture, we use PVDF and U.S. imported PVC as insulator, which shows great insulation capacity and high-temperature resistance. As for the conductor, silver-plated copper and tin-plated copper are used due to the high conductivity and durability. In addition, for all medical device cables by our company, we can provide a biocompatibility report.

Our medical wires are mainly used in medical temperature sensors, which can be further sorted into shell temperature probe, core temperature probe. The shell temperature probe is mainly used to test the skin temperature while the core temperature probe functions as a temperature measuring device for nasopharynx, esophagus, recta, eardrum, bladder and more. Moreover, under some medical testing environment that needs to heat or dialyze the blood, we also produce medical electronic wires that fit with blood bags.

Not only that, this kind of electric wire can also be used for industrial use since it still possesses stable properties and quality under a working temperature of 70-150℃.

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